Saturday, February 19, 2005

Whatta Woman!!

My most wonderful wife skillfully arranged for a B&B sleepover for us last night. It came complete with a hottub which was delightfully indulged in. We also took in a movie at the theatre that night which we had not done in a long while. We laughed, we loved, we talked, we returned relaxed and ready to go again. Ain't she awesome??!!


_CWG_ said...

Wow man
I am blessed to see your love for each other's the key to everything else we do. (outside of our devotion to God) Love on my friend.

krista said...

Hi! Its so nice to see a picture of you guys! Hey, could you send a phone number my way (Nathan's page will do)...I'm not great at this computer thing, but I'd love to talk.....later