Thursday, February 10, 2005

Teach us to pray

Well, the cat is out of the bag, and more than likely pointing at Tokyo. North Korea came out and stated that they have nuclear arms now. Probably not that great a surprise, but hey, it's like the school yard where the little mouthpiece has pulled a shiff on the bully and now everyones eyes turns to the big guy to see what he is going to do. So what is ol' George gonna do. Who knows? The pickle of it is that there is some justification to the N. Korean point of view. Yes, their human rights track record reads more like the tracks on an addicts veins, with the trail of devastation left in its wake, but they still have a point. Without a big gun how are you gonna tell George to keep his nose out of your business? Having one of his CIA trained lackies in power didn't help Iraq, so trying to be buds is just a bit too tenuous, isn't it?

The point is that as I start to try to pray I find that the old worn out pulpit prayer of
"Oh God, smite thou those evil guys overest there and provest thou thine love over us and our apple pie"
just doesn't cut it. None of the seemingly solution orientated prayers are cutting much in my quiet times anymore. I'm a little tired of trying to figure out what to do and then asking God if He could carry it out for me.
Hey -nudge nudge- thanks Big Guy
. You know what I mean? Now where the less and less has left room for the more and more it is being filled up with asking God what He figures would be the best thing to pray. It says ask according to His will, right?

So, Dad, what do you want to do about all that???

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