Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't Lose It Dude!

In my morning readings I have been very interested in the idea of gaining and losing ground in the kingdom. This hasn't been a main theme in anything that I have been reading, but it is sitting there in the text asking me to not gloss by it this time. In Paul's writings it pops up a few times not the least of which would be in 1Cor. 9 where Paul expresses his desire to not lose all that he has built, not in the church but within his own soul. John also talks of loss in 2John. There are also many stories of falls from glory as well as climbs from the depths in the old testament. I find all this interesting because of how it affects my understanding of grace and the gospel. I find that it is pulling up tent pegs and moving them out to encompass more ground. Of course it can be disconcerting to see tent pegs being pulled up, especially because it is usually done during a storm.

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